Patterson Riegel Advertising wins five “Addys” for ProFed Credit Union ad campaigns

FORT WAYNE, IN – February 22, 2012 – Patterson Riegel Advertising captured three Silver Addy awards outright and two Gold Addys in the individual awards category at the 2011 Addy Awards presentation held Saturday, February 18.

The awards were received for producing ProFed Credit Union’s “BOGO” and “What’s Your Story?” ad campaigns.

Patterson Riegel Advertising captured the Silver Addys in the following categories:

Local Radio: ProFed “BOGO” 

Local TV: ProFed “What’s Your Story?”

Mixed-Media, Local Consumer: ProFed “What’s Your Story?” Campaign

The ProFed “What’s Your Story?” ad campaign also won two Gold Addys in the following individual categories:

Music with Lyrics: “What’s Your Story?” for Jim Bordner, Songwriter/Producer

Cinematography:   “Nicole’s Story” for Tyler Black, Cinematographer

“We are excited and proud of our creative team for its work on the ProFed ad campaigns,” says Matt Henry, Patterson Riegel’s president and CEO. “And, of course, we are grateful to ProFed for giving us the opportunity to work on such great projects.”

Patterson Riegel Advertising is a local full service advertising agency, handling all facets of advertising, including consumer-based retail, business-to–business marketing, public relations, promotional services, social media marketing and more.

For more information, contact Matt Henry, 422-5614.


Social Media What?

Today, 1 in every 13 people can be found on Facebook…

Patterson Riegel Advertising is ready to announce a new addition to our advertising options. We will now be including Social Media Marketing in addition to our other advertising options. We are currently offering businesses the opportunity to promote themselves on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WordPress.

In this fast paced, web based world, people are constantly changing the way they view and use social media. To be honest, there really is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ social media marketing strategy. Patterson Riegel has hired a new sales “geek” to help create and provide each business with the social media TLC they deserve!

Check out Patterson Riegel on Facebook!

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(Drum Roll Please)…Now Introducing the Top Five Commercials of Superbowl 2012!

What an exciting game and win last night for the New York Giants!  The half time show rocked and game’s ending left several viewers on the edge of their seats!  But what about those commercials?  Which ones left you laughing? And which ones left a little to be desired? After several polls throughout the web, the top five commercials have been released.

1) Chrysler’s  Clint Eastwood “It’s Half Time America” commercial

Now, who doesn’t love Clint Eastwood? And a Chrysler for that matter.

2) The Voice “The Vocal Combat” commercial

Who does America love almost as much as Clint Eastwood? Of course it’s none other than Betty White herself! Even at 90, this woman’s sense of humor still gets us every time!

3) Acura NSX “Transactions” commercial featuring Jerry Seinfeld

No Acura for you! This spot not only includes comedian Jerry Seinfeld, but also the infamous Soup Nazi and Tonight Show host Jay Leno. What lengths would you go to for an Acura?

4) Honda CR-V “Matthew’s Day Off”

Bueller…Eh, I mean Broderick. One word could sum up this Honda commercial…’classic.’ Matthew Broderick made his sick day worthwhile crusing in his CR-V.

5) Doritos “Sling Shot Baby”

Nothing like a baby getting the best of this older brother. With a little help from grandma, the chips are all his!

Which top five Superbowl commercial was your favorite? Or sadly, did your favorite not make the list? Need a repeat, watch these commercials one more time!

Superbowl Sunday is an exciting day for Advertisers!

While many of you will be intensely watching the Giants take on the Patriots this Sunday for Superbowl XLVI, Patterson Riegel Advertising will be hardcore into the fine (and expensive!) commercial work. 

Did you know that an ad on CBS during the very first Superbowl only cost companies $42,500? Today an ad will cost businesses 3.5 million dollars for a mere 30 second spot! That’s a difference of 45 years and $3,457,500! Take a peak at our favorite commercial thus far for this coming Superbowl Sunday!