Social Media Seminar Fort Wayne, Indiana

Caitlin Henry, Social Media Marketer at Patterson Riegel Advertising in Fort Wayne, Indiana will be offering a seminar at the Towne House Retirement community for seniors interested in learning the basics of Facebook.  The seminar will be held on August 11, 2012 at 2:30 p.m.

Facebook is for Everyone, Not Just the Young

Caitlin Henry, an IPFW graduate and social media guru, will be offering ‘Facebook for Seniors’ seminar to help residents learn more about the social networking craze. It’s important that both young and old know the basics about Facebook and how to use it properly. This seminar will include a step-by-step presentation beginning with how to open an account and how to stay safe while using the site. This seminar will also cover all the ins and outs of Facebook and the experiences regarding how it has helped so many people reconnect and stay connected with family and friends. Caitlin also will be offering one-on-one time for residents who may prefer extra time creating their personal pages and finding connections to their family and friends.

Caitlin has been with Patterson Riegel for the past six months spearheading their new social media department. Patterson Riegel also specializes in media, print, collateral, promotions, public relations and marketing.

Social Media Marketing Fort Wayne, Indiana

For several months, Patterson Riegel Advertising out of Fort Wayne, Indiana has been aware of the benefits reaped from businesses using social media. Truth be told this blog is only a continuation of the endless preaching we’ve done for several corporations the past few months about the importance of creating a social media presence.  Some of our clients have handed over the reigns, others have been more hesitant. To better convince our clients and those interested in creating their own social presence, Patterson Riegel has created a new option for businesses to consider to get themselves noticed online.  (A quick note: I strongly dislike the use of the word ‘online,’ it seems incredibly outdated.) The new social media package is as follows:


This package was created for the retailer who wants to create a digital marketing presence for their business through an in-house representative.  This mentor package includes:

  • Social Media Instruction (Quarterly meetings with in-house rep)
  • Biweekly e-mails (Updates regarding Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc)

What we will utilize to achieve results:

Social Media Instruction

Quarterly meetings will be conducted to ensure the effectiveness of in-house social media personnel. Meetings will include page examples, critiques and thorough information regarding the most beneficial tactics to use for all social media outlets.  More meetings can be scheduled if necessary. Communication through e-mail regarding inquires is acceptable at any time.

Biweekly E-mails

E-mails will be sent on a biweekly basis to help update representatives on the most recent changes regarding popular social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, etc.


Quarterly investment:

Instruction $   150

E-mails $    50

If you’re interested in developing a social media presence for your business contact Patterson Riegel Advertising (260.422.5614). Also check out Patterson Riegel’s social media outlets: