Social Media Blogging Fort Wayne, Indiana

In our technology crazed world, social media is getting harder and harder to ignore.  As head of the Social Media Department/Blogging Extraordinaire for Patterson Riegel Advertising (straight out of good ol’ Fort Wayne, Indiana) I’m still finding it difficult to convince some of our clients of the importance of having a social media presence.  I’ll admit, several of these clients have been running businesses for years and are hesitant about trying new forms of advertising.  “Why fix what isn’t broken?” Right? Wrong. Technology isn’t just the future anymore…it’s here, now.   Soon enough the Internet is going to be far more popular for advertising than television.  Radio and print ads are slowly being left in the dust. I encourage you all to get familiar with the social media powerhouses, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, WordPress, Tumblr, foursquare, etc.

As part of my job here at Patterson Riegel, I subscribe to several blogs regarding social media and marketing.  Last week I came across a perfect blog to help reiterate the importance of social media marketing for businesses.  Not only did I print the article and post it on my ever populated bulletin board (Yes, I still have one of those!) but I also e-mailed it to my somewhat more stagnant clients.  We’ll see where that goes.  Anywho…I encourage you to read this article as well.  Maybe not to convince others to choose the social media route, but to continue to stay on top of all that is social media.  Enjoy!

Social Media Magic’s Blog: 5 Crucial Things That Execs Should Know About Social Media