Happy Holidays from Patterson Riegel Advertising!

Christmas is only a week away but it seems as though the holiday ads have been playing since before Halloween this year.  Have you reached your Christmas commercial breaking point, or do you enjoy the extra holiday cheer?

If you still have a little cheer left over, here are some of the best and worst of the holiday commercials of 2012!

Oh Target, your ads are usually top notch! But this year you’ve failed to make viewers laugh and instead we’re all annoyed.  Better luck next year!

Remember Targets ad last year featuring the overly excited shopper? That is the advertising genius we’re used to!

This Walmart commercial definitely hits a soft spot, especially for those with loved ones sacrificing for our country.

It’s not Christmas without a Coca-Cola 30 second masterpiece…although this one is a tad on the creepy side.

For all those kids dreaming of a pony for Christmas. Ebay’s got the right idea.

Here’s another funny take on the Christmas holiday. FedEx ensures your packages arrive on time.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday season! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Merry Kwanzaa from all of us at Patterson Riegel Advertising!


NEW Digital Media Department!

I’m happy to announce that Patterson Riegel Advertising is now expanding the digital media department! Before, we only specialized in the social media aspect of this media outlet, but now we’re taking on a bigger focus in regards to paid placement ads. PRA will now be placing ads for businesses on not only social media sites, but also on the major search engines.


As director of the social media department here at PRA…I’ve now taking on the role of head of the entire digital media department.  I’ll be taking on quite a workload but as a business we’ve come to realize that the social media sites have gotten wise and are now making it more difficult to advertise for ‘free’ on their websites.

Now instead of the majority of your business page ‘fans’ seeing all your updates on their news feed they barely see any. This only changes if fans go to the trouble of subscribing to each page they’ve ‘liked.’ (This takes far too much time and it’s just too confusing for most to find.) Thank-you (cough)Facebook(cough). Social media sites now stress that businesses should pay for advertisements…as if these sites need to expand their bazillion dollar empires. But business is business, I suppose.


Even though this is a fairly new option for our clients, I’m confident that I have a sturdy grasp on what it takes to provide each business with the most beneficial keywords and payments plans to ensure growth on the digital media end. We’re also opening up this option to other businesses that are interested in digital media and increasing their SEO. The web has been around for decades now, it simply cannot be ignored by businesses any longer.

What are your takes on digital media?

Do you think that budgeting for paid advertising online is just as wise as on television?