Weekend Social Media Posting


I came across another fabulous article on soshable.com this week that I felt too good to pass up.  This article discusses the tricky situation regarding responding to your social media posts or messages during the weekend hours.

To respond or not to respond?

Think about this…

If you’re the type of company that takes pride in the fact that the fans on social media are actually faithful patrons, then you should try your best to return the favor.  If you have an unhappy but loyal customer messaging you about a less than pleasing experience you should respond…and hopefully you respond promptly.  There’s a misconception about responding to messages and that’s: “Oh I’ll just respond when I have time.”  Frankly, if you care enough about your customer’s you’ll make an effort to respond the moment you come across the message.  This will show your customer that you’re concerned with their issue and that you care about their business.

If you don’t have the luxury of spending the weekend at your desktop, then there’s a solution for that!  I downloaded the app, Pages to my Smartphone.  Pages helps alert me when activity happens on my social media accounts.  It works just like a text message.  The beauty is, I can respond just as easily as text messaging too. Now the customer is at ease and you can get back to your weekend happenings!

The moral of this blog is, don’t leave your customer’s out to dry too long.  You don’t want to make a poor impression. Even if you can’t get their problems solved as quickly as they’d like, at least they’ll know you’re trying your best!

Read the entire Soshable article here!

Who’s Reading Your Posts?


I recently came across this article on Soshable.com that discusses the ultimate social media dilemma: How to keep your fans and followers genuinely engaged.   In the article, a potential client was curious as to why their daily social media posts weren’t getting any feedback.  They posted questions on their page on a daily basis but failed to ever get any response whatsoever.

I, myself struggle with this sometimes (especially on Twitter).   I try my best to find engaging information to post…but it’s meaningless (and frustrating) when nobody is listening. Personally, I blame this on the fact that the majority of my clients are small local companies…but that’s not always the case.   There can be several different reasons as to why no one pays your posts any mind.  In the article it mentions issues involved with cross posting the same material on several outlets and ‘spam bots’ posing as more followers.

Even though the article fails to give a real solution to the ‘MIA followers’ they do provide a little encouragement.  Basically, keep making an effort to provide those who do listen with engaging information, photos and videos and your following will eventually increase.

Read the Soshable artile here: http://soshable.com/never-ask-a-question-in-an-empty-social-media-room/#more-9688

**photo provided by futuristicallyyours.com


What are your thoughts?

Do you struggle at finding meaningful information to post?