Can you go an hour without your smartphone?

Would you be willing to admit that you feel a sense of anxiety when you’re without your cell phone?  (Shamlessly raises hand) I’ll openly admit that I even sleep with my phone on my nightstand. If you’re anything like me, you consider your smartphone a type of security blanket. No, not only because their could be an actual emergency…but because I fear a certain cut off from the outside world.

Granted, I primarily use my phone for social media/business purposes–but I can also text like my life depended on it.

A recent survey concluded that 63% of you are without your phone for only an hour during the time you’re awake throughout the day…Is this the new ‘norm’ or is it just plain sad?

Check out these stats:


Read it and weep, friends.  A quarter of you admit that there’s never a time when your smartphone isn’t within reach.

Are you guilty of this?

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