Sharing Print and Social Media

Have you ever come across a print ad that was very ‘loud’ in regards to spreading their social media seed? Yes, we’re fully aware of your widgets that let viewers know that your business is on every social media outlet known to man. In all honesty, what is the best way to promote your social media pages through your print work without looking desperate or downright over the top? posted an article suggesting different ways to complement your print marketing with your social media marketing efficiently. If you know me, you know that often times I treat Soshable somewhat like my social media bible, but this time I had a little trouble believing exactly what the article states.   Even though this article was posted on January 4, the advice appears to be a little outdated…

Last time I checked, QR Codes were becoming more and more a thing of the past.  Am I right?  I uninstalled my QR Code app several months ago… I also have a love/hate relationship with contests. I want viewers to be intrigued by my business and the good work we provide, not by the opportunity to win free stuff. (Believe me, I love free stuff just as much as the next guy girl, but I more times than not I don’t end up using the business from which I won the free goods.)

Check out this article and decide for yourself whether or not it’s fully beneficial. The One-Two Punch: Print and Social Media Marketing found on Don’t get me wrong, a great majority of the article is excellent but a small portion I disagree with. “To each his own.” Right?

What are your thoughts on QR Codes?

Have any of these suggestions really worked for you?