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I found a phenomenal article on that I wanted to share with you all!  I don’t think it’s necessary to summarize this particular article because the title itself (9 Key Elements Missing From Your Social Strategy) will clue you in on just how long the segment is.

I recommend….no, I beg you to read this article!  It will not only help you re-energize your social media strategies, but it might also give you some new pointers!

Read the article here! 


Weekend Social Media Posting


I came across another fabulous article on this week that I felt too good to pass up.  This article discusses the tricky situation regarding responding to your social media posts or messages during the weekend hours.

To respond or not to respond?

Think about this…

If you’re the type of company that takes pride in the fact that the fans on social media are actually faithful patrons, then you should try your best to return the favor.  If you have an unhappy but loyal customer messaging you about a less than pleasing experience you should respond…and hopefully you respond promptly.  There’s a misconception about responding to messages and that’s: “Oh I’ll just respond when I have time.”  Frankly, if you care enough about your customer’s you’ll make an effort to respond the moment you come across the message.  This will show your customer that you’re concerned with their issue and that you care about their business.

If you don’t have the luxury of spending the weekend at your desktop, then there’s a solution for that!  I downloaded the app, Pages to my Smartphone.  Pages helps alert me when activity happens on my social media accounts.  It works just like a text message.  The beauty is, I can respond just as easily as text messaging too. Now the customer is at ease and you can get back to your weekend happenings!

The moral of this blog is, don’t leave your customer’s out to dry too long.  You don’t want to make a poor impression. Even if you can’t get their problems solved as quickly as they’d like, at least they’ll know you’re trying your best!

Read the entire Soshable article here!

Who’s Reading Your Posts?


I recently came across this article on that discusses the ultimate social media dilemma: How to keep your fans and followers genuinely engaged.   In the article, a potential client was curious as to why their daily social media posts weren’t getting any feedback.  They posted questions on their page on a daily basis but failed to ever get any response whatsoever.

I, myself struggle with this sometimes (especially on Twitter).   I try my best to find engaging information to post…but it’s meaningless (and frustrating) when nobody is listening. Personally, I blame this on the fact that the majority of my clients are small local companies…but that’s not always the case.   There can be several different reasons as to why no one pays your posts any mind.  In the article it mentions issues involved with cross posting the same material on several outlets and ‘spam bots’ posing as more followers.

Even though the article fails to give a real solution to the ‘MIA followers’ they do provide a little encouragement.  Basically, keep making an effort to provide those who do listen with engaging information, photos and videos and your following will eventually increase.

Read the Soshable artile here:

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What are your thoughts?

Do you struggle at finding meaningful information to post?

Keeping it local and likable.


Working for a local advertising agency, I know the struggles of building a sturdy repertoire. Not only do I work for a local business, but as digital/social media marketer at my agency I only work with local clients.

When working with clients on creating a social media plan, it’s sometimes hard to convince businesses that the main goal for their page is to maintain and build on their relationships with their already established customer base.  The misconception for so many businesses is the desire to build an endless fan base. Granted, thousands of fans make your page look great…on the exterior, but don’t you actually want to build your real life customer base? A fan that lives thousands of miles away can’t provide a reliable recommendation for your company.

A recent article on is much better at explaining this theory than I am…

Keep it Local, Local, or Local on Facebook

What do you think is important?  More Facebook fans or reliable local customers?


Social Media for Local Businesses

I love finding good articles regarding social media because they tend to make my blog writing much easier. Not that I’m inexperienced in writing my social media articles from scratch, but it’s definitely nice to get another point of view once in awhile.

I came across an article on recently that discusses social media tips for local businesses.  Patterson Riegel Advertising certainly takes pride in being a local Fort Wayne business.  When my dad started this business 23 years ago he made it a point to only stay local to ensure he’d never have to travel with work and leave my family behind.  Anywho, I’m beginning to get off track… This article mainly gives local businesses tips on jumping in to the social media circuit. Most of these tips I agree with, others I don’t.  But then again, not all forms of social media are for every business.  What I’ve come to learn is social media is definitely not a “one size fits all” model.

Take a look at these tips and judge for yourself:

**Remember, this content is from here: **

Here are 10 tips so your local biz can reap the benefits of social media:

  1. First make sure that people on Facebook can “check-in” to your business when they drop by. This is especially popular for eating establishments and bars. You want your check-in linked to a Facebook page.

  2. Register your biz with Foursquare as well because they now give you access to the names of all of the people who checked in to your business so you can study their behavior as a customer and target them more directly.

  3. Get ready for the all new Facebook graph search which allows people to find local businesses according to the likes of its fans. This feature is currently available a limited number of accounts, but it’s coming our way soon!

  4. Give your business a voice by opening a Twitter account. Tweet about local events and about customers that drop by. Also ask (give incentive to do so) customers to tweet about you or post a status update about  you on Facebook, that way their friends become your audience too.

  5. Enhance your LinkedIn presence- LinkedIn profiles rank highest in Google searches of all the social media, higher than FB even. So get your profile listed there if you haven’t already, especially if you are a professional who owns a local business. Keep your profile updated and join groups that deal with your industry and/or location.

  6. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine so create and upload any type of compelling, hilarious, or smart tutorial videos, special event coverage, creative employee features, etc. Ask your customers to upload their videos to your YouTube channel and offer rewards.

  7. List your business at Yelp, which combines local-based reviews with great social features. People go on Yelp to see what others are saying about stores, venues, public spaces, dentists and so much more. You need to keep track of the Yelp conversation about your business and make sure future customers like what they read.

  8. Organize regular meetups, workshops and other informal local gatherings that are related to your business. Promote these events on Facebook, Eventbrite,, SkillShare and other platforms. People will be happy to attend if they feel like they get an added value – information, access, discounts or networking.

  9. Image is everything! Attach photos wherever you can in your tweets, Facebook updates and blog posts. Take snapshots of everything that you associate with your brand and upload them to your sites. Snap photos of your customers/staff and post them on Instagram. Don’t forget to tag the people in the photo, so they have a good reason to share it too.

  10. Blog weekly about your local business. Not about the business itself, but about the experiences and events, news and interesting information surrounding your niche. Focus on rich content and optimizing tags and titles in each post for search engines. Linking in and out of your blog builds both direct and indirect traffic to your business.

I guess the biggest ‘beef’ I have with this article is the first and second bullet.  Coming from an advertising agency, not many people find the desire to ‘check-in’ to our business.  Let me tell you, becoming the Mayor of Patterson Riegel will get you nothing but a pat on the back. However, if your business happens to be food or retail this Four-Square option is definitely a good suggestion.  People love FREE!

Patterson Riegel Advertising is a local full service advertising agency, specializing in all facets of advertising, including consumer-based retail, business-to–business marketing, public relations, promotional services, social media marketing and more.

Raising Your Small Business SEO


For a small business, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can sometimes be a difficult obstacle to achieve.  I have personally struggled with SEO as head of the digital media department for a fairly small advertising agency (Patterson Riegel Advertising). Taking the time to increase your business SEO can help put your small business up against larger companies. I recently came across an article on that helps breakdown the best ways for small businesses to increase their SEO without necessarily paying a company to do it for them.

Read the article here.

If you’re a small business looking for some great, helpful tips here’s a recap of the article.

Keywords: Before tackling anything else SEO related keywords need to be chosen.  Pick a list of relevant terms that many would use to find your website.  The best keywords are those with the greatest amount of traffic with the lowest competitiveness between similar businesses.

On-Sit Optimisation: Once the keywords are chosen,  you can use them in the programing of your website to help Google better recognize your business page. Be careful though, if you overuse your keywords Google might think your page is spam making it harder for your page to increase its placement.

Social Media Buttons: Having social media buttons available on your webpage can help send viewers to your other pages thus making Google recognize that your website is more relevant.

In conclusion, choosing the right keywords and utilizing all the sites that revert back to your home website are incredibly helpful when attempting to raise the position for your small business on Google. Don’t give up and consider it a challenge!

Facebook Timeline Part Deux

As I’ve mentioned before, when it comes to social media nothing ever stays the same for long.  Case and point, Facebook is making some new changes. (Insert shocked face here!) Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook creator/mastermind is introducing ‘The Timeline”…again!  Yes, just a year after we were forced to change over to the timeline dark side the man goes and changes it again!

Rest easy folks’ the changes aren’t too detrimental. The new Timeline feature will include a bigger emphasis on the apps you use. Currently, apps such as Instagram and Pinterest are available for viewing on your page, but soon new apps like Netflix and Fab will be available as well.  (Basically, Facebook is more ‘up in your business’ than ever before.

The Timeline layout will also be a little different.

Granted, we’re not going from this:


To this…


But merely to this:


It appears as though Facebook is becoming more visually obsessed friendly.  Before you boycott, this new layout lets you design and customize your columns.  If you’d prefer your Instagram photos to have the top spot on your page, by all means!

All in all, if we would prefer to continue using Facebook as the largest social media outlet in the universe we’re going to have to make like REO Speedwagon and ‘Roll with the Changes.”


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