Is Social Media Erasing In Our Future?

When on the brink of graduating college, I remember having several lectures over the importance of having a clean and appropriate social media page. At the time, I was a naive 22 year old with a pretty squeaky clean background.  I had a tendency to laugh off those wasted hours with my college BFF, but I’ll admit something in those lectures always seemed to haunt me… No matter what you’ve deleted from your social media outlets thus far—they’ll never truly be erased from the internet.  Basically, there’s no possible way to delete those hideous ‘duck face’ photos I was tagged in circa 2008 (okay, okay 2012).

I failed to mention the fact that before I took my job here at PRA, I was a licensed teacher. Long story short, I was unhappy with ‘teaching to the test’ and I ended up following another passion of mine…online shopping computers.

As a potential educator, you’d imagine that an appropriate Facebook or Twitter page was imperative in regards to wanting to get hired.  Whoops.  But I couldn’t be the only one with embarrassing photos on page 3,486,094 of the Google search…could I?

But thinking back to those pre-Bachelor’s Degree lectures–I wish someone would’ve given me this tidbit of information back (gee I dunno) when I actually created these pages! I do believe I started my social media addiction in 2002.  Damn you, Myspace!

Unfortunately, the infamous photo of me at a ‘CEOs and Office Hoes’ party may always float on in cyber space but there’s hope for our future generations!

Say What?

Currently, legislators in California are working towards creating a GIANT eraser button to help teens and young adults (minors only, sorry) delete unwanted information/photos on their social media platforms. Check out the entire article here: Social Media ‘eraser button’ law would let kids delete web history.

Social Media for Local Businesses

I love finding good articles regarding social media because they tend to make my blog writing much easier. Not that I’m inexperienced in writing my social media articles from scratch, but it’s definitely nice to get another point of view once in awhile.

I came across an article on recently that discusses social media tips for local businesses.  Patterson Riegel Advertising certainly takes pride in being a local Fort Wayne business.  When my dad started this business 23 years ago he made it a point to only stay local to ensure he’d never have to travel with work and leave my family behind.  Anywho, I’m beginning to get off track… This article mainly gives local businesses tips on jumping in to the social media circuit. Most of these tips I agree with, others I don’t.  But then again, not all forms of social media are for every business.  What I’ve come to learn is social media is definitely not a “one size fits all” model.

Take a look at these tips and judge for yourself:

**Remember, this content is from here: **

Here are 10 tips so your local biz can reap the benefits of social media:

  1. First make sure that people on Facebook can “check-in” to your business when they drop by. This is especially popular for eating establishments and bars. You want your check-in linked to a Facebook page.

  2. Register your biz with Foursquare as well because they now give you access to the names of all of the people who checked in to your business so you can study their behavior as a customer and target them more directly.

  3. Get ready for the all new Facebook graph search which allows people to find local businesses according to the likes of its fans. This feature is currently available a limited number of accounts, but it’s coming our way soon!

  4. Give your business a voice by opening a Twitter account. Tweet about local events and about customers that drop by. Also ask (give incentive to do so) customers to tweet about you or post a status update about  you on Facebook, that way their friends become your audience too.

  5. Enhance your LinkedIn presence- LinkedIn profiles rank highest in Google searches of all the social media, higher than FB even. So get your profile listed there if you haven’t already, especially if you are a professional who owns a local business. Keep your profile updated and join groups that deal with your industry and/or location.

  6. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine so create and upload any type of compelling, hilarious, or smart tutorial videos, special event coverage, creative employee features, etc. Ask your customers to upload their videos to your YouTube channel and offer rewards.

  7. List your business at Yelp, which combines local-based reviews with great social features. People go on Yelp to see what others are saying about stores, venues, public spaces, dentists and so much more. You need to keep track of the Yelp conversation about your business and make sure future customers like what they read.

  8. Organize regular meetups, workshops and other informal local gatherings that are related to your business. Promote these events on Facebook, Eventbrite,, SkillShare and other platforms. People will be happy to attend if they feel like they get an added value – information, access, discounts or networking.

  9. Image is everything! Attach photos wherever you can in your tweets, Facebook updates and blog posts. Take snapshots of everything that you associate with your brand and upload them to your sites. Snap photos of your customers/staff and post them on Instagram. Don’t forget to tag the people in the photo, so they have a good reason to share it too.

  10. Blog weekly about your local business. Not about the business itself, but about the experiences and events, news and interesting information surrounding your niche. Focus on rich content and optimizing tags and titles in each post for search engines. Linking in and out of your blog builds both direct and indirect traffic to your business.

I guess the biggest ‘beef’ I have with this article is the first and second bullet.  Coming from an advertising agency, not many people find the desire to ‘check-in’ to our business.  Let me tell you, becoming the Mayor of Patterson Riegel will get you nothing but a pat on the back. However, if your business happens to be food or retail this Four-Square option is definitely a good suggestion.  People love FREE!

Patterson Riegel Advertising is a local full service advertising agency, specializing in all facets of advertising, including consumer-based retail, business-to–business marketing, public relations, promotional services, social media marketing and more.

Facebook Graph Search Tool

We all know that social media is ever changing, ever growing and ever addicting.   Due to the fast paced social media scene, it’s not unusual for a site to make changes or additions fairly frequently.  Facebook is the prime example of the ever changing social media site.  Finally after an entire year, I’ve stopped hearing rants about  the ridiculous Timeline feature. Now that those shenanigans have died down, it’s time for Facebook to bring about another ‘kookie’ addition. But relax my social media crazed friends, thankfully this new addition has nothing to do with your page format.  I repeat, your page will stay the same!

Now as if Facebook stalking couldn’t get any better worse, the Graph Search Tool was created. Basically it’s Facebook’s way of getting as close to Google as possible without creating an actual search engine…per se. With the Graph Search Tool, you can pretty much find out information regarding people, interests, locations, etc. (Again, much like searching Google or any other search engine site.)  Doesn’t sound too ‘stalkerish’ right?  Well that depends…the information collected for you happens to come from all your friends and pretty much everyone else using Facebook.  For example: if you’re looking for a fellow Underwater Basket Weaving enthusiast, Facebook can help narrow down all those in your area with the same (ahem) hobby. Again, not creepy at all?  I suppose if you use this search tool as just that, it actually could be quite beneficial. However, the downfall to this new search tool is that Facebook decided to choose Bing as its sister search engine. Who uses Bing, honestly?


 But before this new search tool makes it debut, what’s your verdict? Do you think you’ll stick with Google and leave Facebook for it’s original purpose? Or will you ‘kill two birds with one stone’ and use Facebook for the whole shebang?  Personally, I think I’ll stick with Google. Like i’ve always said, “When in doubt, Google out!”

Either way, more information is on its way before the release date. Perhaps i’ll search Google for some more information and add it to another post. (Ha! Ha!)

Social Media Blogging Fort Wayne, Indiana

In our technology crazed world, social media is getting harder and harder to ignore.  As head of the Social Media Department/Blogging Extraordinaire for Patterson Riegel Advertising (straight out of good ol’ Fort Wayne, Indiana) I’m still finding it difficult to convince some of our clients of the importance of having a social media presence.  I’ll admit, several of these clients have been running businesses for years and are hesitant about trying new forms of advertising.  “Why fix what isn’t broken?” Right? Wrong. Technology isn’t just the future anymore…it’s here, now.   Soon enough the Internet is going to be far more popular for advertising than television.  Radio and print ads are slowly being left in the dust. I encourage you all to get familiar with the social media powerhouses, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, WordPress, Tumblr, foursquare, etc.

As part of my job here at Patterson Riegel, I subscribe to several blogs regarding social media and marketing.  Last week I came across a perfect blog to help reiterate the importance of social media marketing for businesses.  Not only did I print the article and post it on my ever populated bulletin board (Yes, I still have one of those!) but I also e-mailed it to my somewhat more stagnant clients.  We’ll see where that goes.  Anywho…I encourage you to read this article as well.  Maybe not to convince others to choose the social media route, but to continue to stay on top of all that is social media.  Enjoy!

Social Media Magic’s Blog: 5 Crucial Things That Execs Should Know About Social Media

Business Weekly Fort Wayne, Indiana

If you don’t find yourself subscribing to Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly, you really should look into it.  This publication is not only full of articles highlighting all that is local, but it also has a weekly article pertaining to social media. (Bonus!) You can check out subscriptions here if you’re at all interested: Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly.  This weekly paper has been quite beneficial in regards to my line of work as the head of the Social Media Marketing department at Patterson Riegel Advertising in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Which by the way, our whole social media ‘sha-bang’ includes a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, WordPress, Pinterest, etc.

The social media article, Choosing the right social-media tools: a short, oversimplified guide, really caught my eye this week. The basis of this article stems from businesses curious as to which social media site is best for their company. The author, Anthony Juliano stresses that just because a certain social media site works well for one business doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work well for another.  But no matter which site you choose all require a little time and effort. Throughout the article, Juliano dissects each social media site to help give business owners a better idea as to which site might work best for their company.

I ask that you take some time to skim this article, I found it both beneficial and informative. While you’re at it, visit Patterson Riegel on Facebook and Twitter!

Read:Choosing the right social-media tools: a short, oversimplified guide

Google+ Fort Wayne, Indiana

As social media marketer for Patterson Riegel Advertising in Fort Wayne, Indiana, I try my best to find the most intriguing and most beneficial information regarding my craft.  Although the stack of newspaper and magazine articles has reached an all time high on my desk, I still manage to find the time to write a little bit about findings.  During this blog the main focus will be Google+. To be honest, I rarely set up Google+ accounts for my clients due to the fact I read so many articles all stating that Google+ was just a fad and would never live up to the other bigger social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc).  The more I read, the more I find Google+ might help increase my client’s SEO…it is directly related to Google.  (Insert ‘DUH’ here!)

A little over a year ago all the social media talk was geared towards the release of Google+. Internet enthusiasts were expecting Google+ to bypass Facebook and take the social media circuit by storm.  A year later we all chuckle at the fact that Google+ made only a small dent in surpassing the social media powerhouse known as Facebook.

Although Google+ may have not bypassed Facebook in regards to number of members, they certainly achieved the viewer’s choice award.  The Washington Post recently posted an article discussing the ratings each social media outlet received from the American Customer Satisfaction Index E-Business Report.  Surprisingly, Google+ rated higher in satisfaction than Facebook.

Read the Washington Post here.

Take That Facebook…sort’ve?  I’d like to say the proof is in the pudding, but frankly, it’s apparent that even though users get peeved every time Facebook changes their layout, they’re still going to use this as a form of social media.

Check out Patterson Riegel’s Facebook page!

The Benefits of Your Business Using Video

YouTube now holds the number two spot when it comes to search engine use.  Granted, this may or may not be because it is now owned by Google, but even so 65,000 new video clips are uploaded to the YouTube site daily. Since its beginning in 2005, YouTube has become progressively popular with businesses trying to get ahead of their competition. Over the last few years the use of corporate video has undergone significant change.  We’re moving from what is known as text web to the ‘next web’ era. Whatever this newfound obsession may bring, one thing is certain – video and interactive media will play a growing role in how all company’s plan on promoting themselves.  Patterson Riegel Advertising in Fort Wayne, Indiana has ventured out into the video/digital media world and posted several commercial spots on their YouTube channel and Facebook page. The several catchy commercial jingles have caught the attention of many Fort Wayne followers.

But what about the future of video for those pushing to get ahead of their competition?  The blog site, Engage states that by 2013, 90% of internet traffic will be video.  Does your business still need convincing? Check out this article titled, Seven Reasons why Web Video for Businesses Rock! and dig deep into the nitty gritty to help your business understand the benefits of using corporate video.

Seven Reasons why Web Video for Businesses Rock!

If you are a business owner reading this, then it is time to consider advertising using a web video for business to get your message out to the world. In 2011 a trillion videos were viewed on YouTube. In 2012 that number is expected to rise and your promotional video or animation should be online on YouTube as well.

There are a lot of benefits to having a video, or several videos, posted online to promote your business, especially small business.

1. Videos can be an excellent SEO tool that helps raise your ranking in the Google search pages. The YouTube bots and spiders operate in the same way as the Google ones that crawl website text. Once your website is posted, your analyze your content both within the video and in your titles and your 5000 character description. If your content is well-targeted your video could end up in the first few pages of the Google search engine on You Tube and bring you tons of traffic.

2. We live in an age where people are a bit “trapped in visual space” and tend to be less literate. You can reach that audience that does not have the time to read or is incapable of reading your carefully contrived landing page. Immediate gratification is where it’s at when it comes to surfing the web and if you have a video that makes people laugh or that has an important social message it can be bookmarked and shared on all the social networking sites across the web.

3. You can reach a global audience if you have just the right video. Sometimes pictures really do speak louder than words especially if you have just the right clever concept that can compel them to click on the link you have added so that people can surf right to your website.

4. You can make money with your video by putting a pay-per-click ad for other related products on your video which could be instructional or entertaining. This is called monetizing your web-video. If your video is nifty enough or getting a lot of hits as soon as you upload you might be approached by an advertiser who will ask to put an ad in front of your presentation.

5. You can make a video and post it a lot quicker than you can post articles that have keywords in them. This is especially true if you have hired a professional team to put a video together for you. As Google owns YouTube, the results of what they find are posted quite fast in their search engine pages and sometimes about three months faster than the results they crawl for when analyzing text on a typical web page.

6. If you own a restaurant or a store you can use video to describe your services, showcase the food or even provide a how-to video on how to use the things you sell. This is a lot more efficient than trying to write cleverly about what you sell.

7. Finally if there is one big way that a small business can fight back against the million dollar video commercials and impersonal approach of big business and store chains it is with the video. If your animation is warm, funny and home-spun then people will connect with you and want to buy from you.

The art behind video on YouTube and other video submission sites is the ability to be able to connect to your viewers so that they like you feel familiar with you and trust them. A big corporation only offers a cold manipulative experience in this medium but as a small business you can make them feel like you “know what they are thinking” and thus draw yourself a crowd of devoted customers. Get a web video for business today and start increasing your sales!

One thing Patterson Riegel knows about the future in digital media is that it’s only going to continue to grow, and this advertising agency is fighting tooth and nail to get to the top!