Plastic Surgery for Facebook?


I usually spend my first hour of work everyday catching up on articles and postings related to digital/social media.  Most some articles I skim, others I truly take the time to dissect and summarize for your enjoyment.  Yesterday I came across and article on that floored me…I think I literally had to pick my jaw up from the desk! Here’s a tid-bit:

 “For some (or arguably all) of the above reasons, keeping up appearances is a social media consideration. Obviously, you choose how you represent yourself. And perhaps for that very reason, profile pictures on the free social network are getting more complicated — and much pricier — in India.”

Much pricier?  Does this mean that people in India are buying profile pictures from others? (If you’ve seen the MTV television show ‘Catfish’ you’ll understand the creepiness.) But unfortunately, profile picture purchasing isn’t what’s making Facebook users in India shell out the big bucks…it’s Facebook Facelifts!  Yes, you read that right.  Social media users are spending thousands of dollars for plastic surgery to make themselves more presentable on Facebook?!

Now I’ve heard it all. Isn’t a much cheaper alternative to finding a date? Read the full article here.

What do you think about this new trend?

Would you ever go under the knife just to help find a mate?


Unemployment and Underemployment Fort Wayne, IN

As social media guru at Patterson Riegel Advertising in Fort Wayne, IN,  I’ve seen my share of articles and blogs pertaining to anything and everything regarding my field of work.  This particular article caught my eye due to the daily news discussions on the unemployment rate. Surprisingly, social media can be a big help when it comes to finding employment…or even finding better employment.  This article, found on helps give not only those unemployed but also those underemployed three ways to better use their social media skills to help them find work.

Although, Patterson Riegel has a stellar media marketer on hand, this article also provides links to businesses hiring in the same field. Check the bottom of the article for a list of possible jobs in your area.

Read the article here: Underemployed? Social Networking Can Help

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