Majoring in Social Media?


When you entered college did you find yourself having a hard time choosing a major?  Did you find yourself stressing about which life path to choose? Truthfully, I didn’t envision myself working for an advertising agency like Patterson Riegel.  I graduated with my degree in education…slightly off the advertising path. For those of you struggling to find the right life path, you’re in luck! There’s a new major in town and it’s called ‘Social Media.’  Yes, you can now go to college to become an expert everything social media. Hold on, before you wear your best sweats to class anticipating surfing Facebook all day, take a look at the article below. (Believe me, it’s not as easy as one may think.) has recently posted an article introducing Social Media as the up and coming college major.  Granted, this particular major has only reached one college thus far, but with social media knowledge becoming a demand for many businesses more colleges may be adopting this major sooner rather than later. This may or may not be the best news since being a ‘gym teacher’ became an option for college majors…but how long will this craze last? Could you see yourself working with social media until retirement?


Do you think creating a major in social media will be beneficial in the long run?

Read the Soshable article here: There’s a New Type of College Major in the Making, We Call it Social Media. Tell me your thoughts on this new college craze!

NEW Digital Media Department!

I’m happy to announce that Patterson Riegel Advertising is now expanding the digital media department! Before, we only specialized in the social media aspect of this media outlet, but now we’re taking on a bigger focus in regards to paid placement ads. PRA will now be placing ads for businesses on not only social media sites, but also on the major search engines.


As director of the social media department here at PRA…I’ve now taking on the role of head of the entire digital media department.  I’ll be taking on quite a workload but as a business we’ve come to realize that the social media sites have gotten wise and are now making it more difficult to advertise for ‘free’ on their websites.

Now instead of the majority of your business page ‘fans’ seeing all your updates on their news feed they barely see any. This only changes if fans go to the trouble of subscribing to each page they’ve ‘liked.’ (This takes far too much time and it’s just too confusing for most to find.) Thank-you (cough)Facebook(cough). Social media sites now stress that businesses should pay for advertisements…as if these sites need to expand their bazillion dollar empires. But business is business, I suppose.


Even though this is a fairly new option for our clients, I’m confident that I have a sturdy grasp on what it takes to provide each business with the most beneficial keywords and payments plans to ensure growth on the digital media end. We’re also opening up this option to other businesses that are interested in digital media and increasing their SEO. The web has been around for decades now, it simply cannot be ignored by businesses any longer.

What are your takes on digital media?

Do you think that budgeting for paid advertising online is just as wise as on television?

Social Media: How Important Is A Big Fan Base?

About a week or so ago I conducted an experiment at Patterson Riegel Advertising, bear with my folks!  I decided I was going to cut back on vocally speaking for the day and only communicate via social media and other forms of communication such as text message and e-mail.  Shockingly, I spoke five words the entire day.  Some were probably relieved at my lack of vocab for the day while others probably didn’t give a rats patootie. This zany experiment helped to reiterate that fact that vocally speaking is purely going out of style.

Hmmm. Does this mean that by the time I decide to procreate that my child will be learning to Facebook post ‘momma’ before actually speaking the word?  Well now that’s a fairly frightening concept!

Back on subject, with social media slowly taking the world  by storm…or typhoon, or hurricane, or tornado (the word ‘storm’ just wasn’t cuttin’ it) businesses are quickly jumping on the bandwagon.  (If this were a version of Oregon Trail, businesses would be choosing the Big Daddy of wagons, hands down!)

As social media marketer at PRA, I’ve always struggled with the stress of trying to gain more and more fans for my clients. Obviously, more fans equals more business….right? Our survey says, WRO…eh, not necessarily.  Research shows that really only 6% of your ‘fans’ actually interact with your page.  If you need help with the math–1,000 fans is only equivalent to 60 fans actually paying attention to your page. Kudos!

**By the way, do they still make Kudos bars? They look delicious!**

Now, I don’t mean for this post to be negative but more or less to be like a spinoff of the Tortoise and the Hare. The bigger companies may have more fans, but that doesn’t mean they provide better service. Mom and Pop Shops need love too! A super-sized fan load may be even harder to build when it comes to your line of work as well. An ice delivery service may be a lot harder to promote in a small town compared to a big city.  For example, Fort Wayne has two known ice delivery companies whereas New York City has over 40. It’s all about supply and demand, blah blah blah.

But how do those smaller businesses measure up to the big dogs? It’s simple, put the stress of building a larger fan base on the back burner and focus more on keeping those faithful customer’s. (The ‘Groupies’ if you will.) These followers are the ones that are going to recommend your business to others, compared to those who has never used your services before.

The social media based website, Sochable, is probably better at explaining this concept than I am…Plus they’ve even cleverly named it. Take a peak at the article here.

The Best Way To Increase Your SEO Fort Wayne, IN

If you’re a business owner, you should be no stranger to the acronym, “SEO.” Some might boast at the sight of their business holding the top spot on the organic listing, whereas others might cringe when they find their business has yet to make the first page. As a social media marketer, those three letters pretty much determine whether or not I get paid. Thankfully I’m still getting a paycheck, but my job does not come as easy as some may think.

You can certainly tell how much technology has changed now Search Engine Optimization no longer is soley determined by the mere visits to your website, but now is based in large part on your social media prescience.  I recently came across an article on the social media based website, Soshable, that discussed how important social media is on your Search Engine Optimization.  Shockingly, the article’s titled, Social Media Is Now The #1 Most Important Factor In SEO.  I suppose I don’t need to go into much detail regarding the article, but there was a very interesting blurb that I found almost necessary to share with you all:

“What does this mean for the industry? Businesses that have been ignoring social media are going to find themselves slipping in the ranks, if they haven’t already slipped. This study makes it clear that links ARE NOT ENOUGH. To remain competitive in today’s market, you MUST become heavily involved in social media.

This trend will ultimately make the internet a better place. With social media shares ruling the roost, you’ll see far less spammy content and pages of useless links. Wikimotive has long upheld that content is king, and this has never been more true. To succeed in SEO today, you need to succeed in social media, and to succeed in social media, you need to produce quality content that engages your audience so that your shares (and likes, favorites, Tweets, reTweets, etc.) organically grow.”

“Oh what a tangled web we weave…”

Improve Your Facebook Business Page Fort Wayne, Indiana

It’s National School Lunch Week, so slice up a piece of rectangular pizza to celebrate!

Being an avid internet user, and self proclaimed social media extraordinaire (emphasis on self proclaimed) I recently found an article on Social Media Examiner that I felt necessary to pass on to my clients.  Although I’m the one who updates the social media sites for the Patterson Riegel clients, I feel as though it’s important to keep them in the loop when it comes to what’s new in social media.  Or maybe it’s just a way to convince them that I’m doing my best to ensure their social media budget is money well spent. Either way, I try to make an emphasis on all the good happening in the social media world, not so much the bad. By the way, did you hear that Facebook stock has reached an all time low of $20 per share? Read that train wreck (Oops!) article here. Back to the topic at hand, the title of the article I came across, 5 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Engagement says it all! In short, the article discusses five new ways to improve the engagement on your Facebook business page.

The five ways include:

  • Keep your updates short
  • Don’t use URL shorteners
  • Post at Times Ideal for your Fans
  • Use the Right Words for Higher Engagement
  • Ask Questions

All five of these ideas are spot on when it comes to increasing the population of Facebook posts (and Twitter, and Google+, etc). Check out the article here for a more in-depth description of the five ways listed above, you won’t be disappointed!

Facebook vs. Webpage Fort Wayne, Indiana

Do you ever give yourself a quick pat on the back when you read an article that helps to reassure you that your business is headed in the right direction?

As much as I love the sequin suspenders, I’m really hoping you pat yourself on the back while fully clothed.

In my case, the advertising agency I work for has been headed in the right direction for the past 25 years…but the new branch of the business that I’m currently spearheading (social media marketing) for Patterson Riegel Advertising seems to be slowly following in the right footsteps. Or at least I’m not drowning, so that seems promising!

To help feel better about my job prove my case I came across an article on a few short weeks ago that provided me with one of those pat on the back moments.  Now, if you’ve yet to discover you must stop reading this blog and open up this webpage pronto.  It not only keeps you abreast with all that is social media, but it also keeps you informed and up to date with several business and technology related topics. (If anything, it will help you sound smarter at parties. SCORE!)

Anywho, back to the blog.  The article I came across a couple weeks ago (in short) states that many people are now choosing to forgo visiting your webpage and are headed straight to your Facebook business page. Oh you aren’t surprised? Well we aren’t either, but that’s not to say you should go out and delete your webpage. Believe it or not, there are more people on the planet than just the 900 million using Facebook.  But the big reason that 50% of consumers prefer Facebook over webpages is merely for the money saving advantages. In other words, “Coups baby, coups!”

** This video contains adult language. Please watch at your own risk.**

Consumers save money through Facebook coupons and giveaways! I’ll admit it, I was on Facebook yesterday and saw the opportunity to sign up for a free Target cosmetic bag giveaway…I jumped on that bandwagon faster than you can say “Tarjay.”  Oh you’re not familiar with the term, check out the urban dictionary.

Find the cosmetic bag giveaway here: Free Stuff From Target!  I feel that it’s okay that I posted this giveaway, I used to be a Target employee oh so many years ago. “I know you only purchased a pack of gum, but you be interested in saving 10% today by applying for a Target Red Card?”

Last but certainly not least readers, check out this article.  If not for the information, for the really stellar picture display.

50% of Consumers Value a Brand’s Facebook Page More Than Website