Is Social Media Erasing In Our Future?

When on the brink of graduating college, I remember having several lectures over the importance of having a clean and appropriate social media page. At the time, I was a naive 22 year old with a pretty squeaky clean background.  I had a tendency to laugh off those wasted hours with my college BFF, but I’ll admit something in those lectures always seemed to haunt me… No matter what you’ve deleted from your social media outlets thus far—they’ll never truly be erased from the internet.  Basically, there’s no possible way to delete those hideous ‘duck face’ photos I was tagged in circa 2008 (okay, okay 2012).

I failed to mention the fact that before I took my job here at PRA, I was a licensed teacher. Long story short, I was unhappy with ‘teaching to the test’ and I ended up following another passion of mine…online shopping computers.

As a potential educator, you’d imagine that an appropriate Facebook or Twitter page was imperative in regards to wanting to get hired.  Whoops.  But I couldn’t be the only one with embarrassing photos on page 3,486,094 of the Google search…could I?

But thinking back to those pre-Bachelor’s Degree lectures–I wish someone would’ve given me this tidbit of information back (gee I dunno) when I actually created these pages! I do believe I started my social media addiction in 2002.  Damn you, Myspace!

Unfortunately, the infamous photo of me at a ‘CEOs and Office Hoes’ party may always float on in cyber space but there’s hope for our future generations!

Say What?

Currently, legislators in California are working towards creating a GIANT eraser button to help teens and young adults (minors only, sorry) delete unwanted information/photos on their social media platforms. Check out the entire article here: Social Media ‘eraser button’ law would let kids delete web history.


Social Media Blogging Fort Wayne, Indiana

In our technology crazed world, social media is getting harder and harder to ignore.  As head of the Social Media Department/Blogging Extraordinaire for Patterson Riegel Advertising (straight out of good ol’ Fort Wayne, Indiana) I’m still finding it difficult to convince some of our clients of the importance of having a social media presence.  I’ll admit, several of these clients have been running businesses for years and are hesitant about trying new forms of advertising.  “Why fix what isn’t broken?” Right? Wrong. Technology isn’t just the future anymore…it’s here, now.   Soon enough the Internet is going to be far more popular for advertising than television.  Radio and print ads are slowly being left in the dust. I encourage you all to get familiar with the social media powerhouses, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, WordPress, Tumblr, foursquare, etc.

As part of my job here at Patterson Riegel, I subscribe to several blogs regarding social media and marketing.  Last week I came across a perfect blog to help reiterate the importance of social media marketing for businesses.  Not only did I print the article and post it on my ever populated bulletin board (Yes, I still have one of those!) but I also e-mailed it to my somewhat more stagnant clients.  We’ll see where that goes.  Anywho…I encourage you to read this article as well.  Maybe not to convince others to choose the social media route, but to continue to stay on top of all that is social media.  Enjoy!

Social Media Magic’s Blog: 5 Crucial Things That Execs Should Know About Social Media

Business Weekly Fort Wayne, Indiana

If you don’t find yourself subscribing to Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly, you really should look into it.  This publication is not only full of articles highlighting all that is local, but it also has a weekly article pertaining to social media. (Bonus!) You can check out subscriptions here if you’re at all interested: Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly.  This weekly paper has been quite beneficial in regards to my line of work as the head of the Social Media Marketing department at Patterson Riegel Advertising in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Which by the way, our whole social media ‘sha-bang’ includes a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, WordPress, Pinterest, etc.

The social media article, Choosing the right social-media tools: a short, oversimplified guide, really caught my eye this week. The basis of this article stems from businesses curious as to which social media site is best for their company. The author, Anthony Juliano stresses that just because a certain social media site works well for one business doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work well for another.  But no matter which site you choose all require a little time and effort. Throughout the article, Juliano dissects each social media site to help give business owners a better idea as to which site might work best for their company.

I ask that you take some time to skim this article, I found it both beneficial and informative. While you’re at it, visit Patterson Riegel on Facebook and Twitter!

Read:Choosing the right social-media tools: a short, oversimplified guide

Unemployment and Underemployment Fort Wayne, IN

As social media guru at Patterson Riegel Advertising in Fort Wayne, IN,  I’ve seen my share of articles and blogs pertaining to anything and everything regarding my field of work.  This particular article caught my eye due to the daily news discussions on the unemployment rate. Surprisingly, social media can be a big help when it comes to finding employment…or even finding better employment.  This article, found on helps give not only those unemployed but also those underemployed three ways to better use their social media skills to help them find work.

Although, Patterson Riegel has a stellar media marketer on hand, this article also provides links to businesses hiring in the same field. Check the bottom of the article for a list of possible jobs in your area.

Read the article here: Underemployed? Social Networking Can Help

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Google+ Fort Wayne, Indiana

As social media marketer for Patterson Riegel Advertising in Fort Wayne, Indiana, I try my best to find the most intriguing and most beneficial information regarding my craft.  Although the stack of newspaper and magazine articles has reached an all time high on my desk, I still manage to find the time to write a little bit about findings.  During this blog the main focus will be Google+. To be honest, I rarely set up Google+ accounts for my clients due to the fact I read so many articles all stating that Google+ was just a fad and would never live up to the other bigger social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc).  The more I read, the more I find Google+ might help increase my client’s SEO…it is directly related to Google.  (Insert ‘DUH’ here!)

A little over a year ago all the social media talk was geared towards the release of Google+. Internet enthusiasts were expecting Google+ to bypass Facebook and take the social media circuit by storm.  A year later we all chuckle at the fact that Google+ made only a small dent in surpassing the social media powerhouse known as Facebook.

Although Google+ may have not bypassed Facebook in regards to number of members, they certainly achieved the viewer’s choice award.  The Washington Post recently posted an article discussing the ratings each social media outlet received from the American Customer Satisfaction Index E-Business Report.  Surprisingly, Google+ rated higher in satisfaction than Facebook.

Read the Washington Post here.

Take That Facebook…sort’ve?  I’d like to say the proof is in the pudding, but frankly, it’s apparent that even though users get peeved every time Facebook changes their layout, they’re still going to use this as a form of social media.

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Social Media Marketing and Advertising Fort Wayne, Indiana

As Social Media Marketer at Patterson Riegel Advertising in Fort Wayne, Indiana, I usually spend a significant amount of time looking for ways to increase the social media presence for my clients.  This task includes reading several books, blogs and of course clicking through an infinite amount of social media pages.  Being quite the novice, I find being as clued in with these sites as possible has helped me to progress in my trade significantly.  Recently while surfing through LinkedIn I came across a conversation through Social Media Today, a page that I am “linked in” with (what a clever name that is!).   This conversation helped me see the social media struggles through someone else’s eyes.  Nicole K. asked the question, “What is the best recommendation for getting more “Likes” on Facebook?  Should you just go out and ask?”  Truth be told, I ask myself that same question every day!

As I’ve mentioned before, Patterson Riegel, although 25 years deep in the business and specializing in media, electronic, print, collateral, strategic planning, promotions, public relations, marketing, etc is still fairly new to using social media as a marketing outlet.  These conversations help to convince me that I’m on the right path for social media marketing success, one book, blog or page at a time.

Read the LinkedIn conversation here.  Are you too out trying your best to build your Facebook fan base without going as far as begging? Let me tell you, it’s sometimes not so easy, especially with smaller companies. Have faith, the fans are out there!

Check out Patterson Riegel’s Social Media Outlets:                                                                         Facebook                                                                                                                                                        Twitter

Social Media Marketing Fort Wayne, Indiana

For several months, Patterson Riegel Advertising out of Fort Wayne, Indiana has been aware of the benefits reaped from businesses using social media. Truth be told this blog is only a continuation of the endless preaching we’ve done for several corporations the past few months about the importance of creating a social media presence.  Some of our clients have handed over the reigns, others have been more hesitant. To better convince our clients and those interested in creating their own social presence, Patterson Riegel has created a new option for businesses to consider to get themselves noticed online.  (A quick note: I strongly dislike the use of the word ‘online,’ it seems incredibly outdated.) The new social media package is as follows:


This package was created for the retailer who wants to create a digital marketing presence for their business through an in-house representative.  This mentor package includes:

  • Social Media Instruction (Quarterly meetings with in-house rep)
  • Biweekly e-mails (Updates regarding Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc)

What we will utilize to achieve results:

Social Media Instruction

Quarterly meetings will be conducted to ensure the effectiveness of in-house social media personnel. Meetings will include page examples, critiques and thorough information regarding the most beneficial tactics to use for all social media outlets.  More meetings can be scheduled if necessary. Communication through e-mail regarding inquires is acceptable at any time.

Biweekly E-mails

E-mails will be sent on a biweekly basis to help update representatives on the most recent changes regarding popular social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, etc.


Quarterly investment:

Instruction $   150

E-mails $    50

If you’re interested in developing a social media presence for your business contact Patterson Riegel Advertising (260.422.5614). Also check out Patterson Riegel’s social media outlets: